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Hi, nice to meet you.

Welcome to my little world. 
My name is Sophie and I am your host at Colina Calma. 

How wonderful you found your way into my world. 

Born and raised in the heart of Germany, I fell in love with Portugal in 2013 and well, it took me some years, but since 2016 I call this beautiful place around Aljezur my home. 

Colina Calma was love at first sight, and the name of "quiet little hill" came to me while overlooking my beloved Berlin skyline right after I found CC, that's how we call her in short, back in the days. 

I was seeking calmness, peace and nature after years of amazing and thrilling buzz of a hectic town. 

My heart belongs to every field of hospitality - so, welcoming guests at my found treasure was the obvious choice.

Since 2018, Colina Calma has been home, retreat and rescue for so so many wonderful people - family holiday home, exclusive retreat venue or the best winter escape. 

Authentic, homey and cosy - CC will touch your heart and most likely you don't want to ever leave again. 

Let's get in touch and see if we meet soon. 

With love, Sophie 

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